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Career Guidance & Employment Officer

Lagos, Nigeria

About the Role

We are looking for a talented person to assist in the development of participants through work placements and providing support tailored to their needs. Additionally to assist trainees with CV preparation, vocational profiling, career guidance, mentoring, and interview preparation, towards securing paid employment.

To provide effective frontline customer services in the delivery of activities and information to trainees. Including the organization of events, job fairs and training based activities. The role will focus on the sourcing of job placements, providing soft skills and entrepreneurship training, career advice and support.


• Bachelor's degree in Human Resources or similar degree

• Work experience in job recruitment is essential

• Experience in soft skills/entreprenuership training or teaching is an added advantage

• Ability to demonstrate and maintain high levels of professionalism, integrity and ethics

• Possess effective report writing skills

• Knowledgeable about ever-changing trends across all dominant industries

• Familiarity with accessible job opportunities

• Outstanding interpersonal skills

• Top-notch investigative, assessment and communication skills

• Ability to equip all trainees to enter their preferred disciplines

• High level of interpersonal skills and conflict resolution

• Ability to develop extensive personal and professional networks


 Responsible for in-depth knowledge and independent decision-making in designated area of responsibility, e.g., development of job programmes, recruitment strategy and placement of trainees

 Responsible for formulation and compliance of policy guidelines and procedures regarding employment support for trainees

 Responsible for implementing purposeful programs that meet individual needs and provide opportunities for decision-making and choice

 Supporting participants to develop skills, gain experience and confidence in undertaking the
requirements of their role in order to obtain longevity in their employment

 Providing practical support and encouragement to assist individuals and groups to participate in
and enjoy the options provided to the best of their ability.

 Counsels and informs trainees of applicable work placement opportunities and related issues.

 Provides to all trainees soft skills and entrepreneurship training, both online and physically, according to provided curriculum.

 Conducts evaluation and reports on trainees’ work eligibility and provide CV advice and support.

 Develops and implements strategies and systems necessary to identify, track and evaluate trainees, job placements and trainee entrepreneurial endeavors.

 Serves as a resource to ETIWA in making strategic partnerships to place our trainees on blue collar and white collar job platforms.

 Recruits and advises trainees through informational meetings, individual counseling and promotional activities; develops advertising for outreach programmes such as presentations, brochures, pamphlets and letter campaigns to placement companies.

 Conducts and evaluates surveys of employers, placement companies and trainees regarding work attitudes, staffing needs, desirable employee qualifications, work and career goals etc.

 Gathers information, enter data and keep records of trainees’ and job placements companies using a school management software.

 Performs other duties as required or assigned.

Performance will be measured with KPIs around the following:

 Job Placements - Achieving a minimum number of Job Placements.

 Job Search - Making contacts with a suitable amount of employers to meet KPI above.

 Outcome Claims - Ensuring all documentation and evidence is forwarded on or before the
required date.

 File Management - Ensuring that each jobseeker file is maintained according to procedures and
that all evidence is found in the file.

 Quality Case Management - Ensuring all trainee files, contacts, documentation are completed in
the specified time periods and jobseeker documents are up-to-date.

 Communication - Responding to any correspondence and/or reasonable requests directed to
you via verbal or written instruction within ETIWA's guidelines.

Closing Date: May 26th, 2023

Submit your CV to:

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