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ICT Instructor

Lagos, Nigeria

About the Role

We are looking for an experienced ICT instructor who can develop curriculum and plan lessons that correspond to our students ability levels, facilitating class activities, providing feedback to students about their work and progress.

You will be responsible for monitoring and supporting the overall progress and development of students. To facilitate and encourage a learning experience which provide them with the opportunity to achieve their individual potential. To set a unique standard of teaching and learning that meets professional industry standards.

As an ICT Instructor, we expect you to be up-to-date with the latest digital technologies and industry requirements for information technology. You should have excellent communication skills, written and verbal, and be able to generate proper reports.


  • Must demonstrate proficiency in coding and website development

  • Able to develop and teach curriculum for web development (full stack) using industry required standards

  • Able to show personal projects completed in Website development

  • Implement a creative technology curriculum that reflect the skill sets and talents needed in the industry

  • Must have experience in teaching others and be proficient in Microsoft Office suite

  • Must be willing and able to work flexible hours as needed.

  • Living in close proximity to our training facility is an added advantage

  • Knowledge of Learning Management System (LMS) or School portal software is an added advantage


- Instruct students on coding, web design Java, Python, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, HTML5/CSS3, jQuery, Node.js, React.js and other relevant technologies
- Instruct students on how computers work, including the basic science and mathematics behind their operation and the hardware and the software built on those foundations
- Teach how to write computer programs, algorithms and programming languages
- Keep records of grades and perform other administrative duties as needed
- Create projects designed to enhance lectures
- Develop, submit and implement weekly lesson plans
- Integrate skill competencies, goals and objectives into lesson plans
- Develop incentives and fun interactive lessons that keep participants continuously engaged
- Read and stay abreast of current topics and happening in information technology
- Work with programme coordinator to ensure programme goals are being met

Closing Date: 22nd February, 2023

Submit CV's to:

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