Electrical Instructor

Lagos, Nigeria

Job Type

Full Time

Job Summary

Electrical instructor will be responsible for the skill improvement of all electrical installation trainees. This includes practical and theoretical instruction.

The instructor will identify training needs at individual and group levels. The instructor will create a five-star level experience that will set the standard for technical support.

Duties & Responsibilities

1. Strengthen trainee’s capabilities and techniques by building training plans, implementing,
evaluating and post-managing training courses.

2. Improve repair capabilities through monitoring status.

3. Identify training needs and opportunities to improve trainee’s hands on, and troubleshooting skills.

4. This includes but not limited to; wire breaking down reading, soft skills, support apps, technical tips,
and improvements to the customer five-star experience.

5. To build various courses and curriculums to nurture service forces.

6. To execute training by opening a training course, notifying training courses, preparing materials,
managing classrooms and manage training performances.

7. To manage training operation system and develop a strategy to improve training processes.

8. To manage low performers, re-training, and assessment, and strengthen capability by operating
service training certificate system.

9. To develop various and differentiated training contents.

10. Any other duties as designated by your line manager.