Project Manager

Lagos, Nigeria

Job Type

Full Time

Job Summary

ETIWA TECH LTD./GTE a non-profit technical vocational training company, seeks a Project Manager to organize and coordinate all training projects. You will project manage and provide strategic guidance to management and staff on all training programmes, i.e., planning, execution and evaluation.

The ideal candidate will be comfortable outlining and planning all aspects of work related to a given training project such as budget, timelines and resources. Have strong communication skills that enable you to effectively communicate with all relevant staff. Be able to foresee any problems related to the completion of a project and act in a timely manner to mitigate any issues.

Duties & Responsibilities

1. Prepare comprehensive action plans, including resources, timeframes and budgets for training

2. Monitor project progress, anticipate and solve any problems related to projects.

3. Conduct performance reviews and evaluate projects.

4. Use tools to monitor working hours, plans and expenditures.

5. Liaise with clients and partners to identify and define requirements, scope and objectives.

6. Decide on suitable strategies and objectives.

7. Lead and evaluate project team and other staff.

8. Prepare project proposals and weekly/monthly reports for partners and management.

9. Ensure standards and requirements are met through conducting quality assurance tests and aim to
maximize ROI.

10. Oversee project procurement management.

11. Create and maintain comprehensive project documentation, plans and reports.

12. Keep all members of the staff up-to-date with relevant project information. Create presentations,
summaries and helpful materials to ensure better communication and company-wide understanding
of projects.

13. Issue appropriate paperwork (e.g., contracts and terms of agreement).

14. Ensure the organisation meets all project/training requirements and policies set forth by partners and

15. Plan, design and develop programme and centre improvement strategies that foster continual growth
for the organisation.

16. Identify business opportunities with new and existing partners/clients within the TVET industry, both
private and public sector.

17. Represent the organisation positively at all times and ensure that all concerns are attended to in line
with organisational policies and procedures.

18. Carry out all duties with the highest regard for the organisation’s health and safety policy.

19. Any other duties that may be reasonably assigned by management.