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ETIWA introduces the ICSS Entrepreneurship Development Programme into its Curriculum


16 Sept 2022

Etiwa Tech has introduced the ICSS Entrepreneurship Development programme into its curriculum, in partnership with GIZ/SEDIN-GOPA, implemented by Hope Builders Foundation.

The programme is aimed at; "Creating Business Development Opportunities through Entrepreneurship Training and Coaching Measures". The trainings are delivered using the blended learning model of combining online and in-person training. The content of the training has been designed to be rolled out using a modular approach that builds from INSPIRE to CREATE and START.

The INSPIRE module, teaches about the economy and employment options. This includes employment, entrepreneurship and self-employment. Trainees will be introduced to various strategies and tools that will help to make an informed decision about future career paths. There are lots of practical guidance that takes trainees through the process, from the first job interview to the first day on the new job and managing finances going forward. Trainees learn how to market themselves and develop the necessary documentation such as CV's and cover letters.

The CREATE module, walk trainees through the entire process of setting up an enterprise, from helping to identify the right business idea to registering the business to become official. It teaches creative approaches to apply, such as design thinking and prototyping to aid this process. Various tools and strategies are included, like the business canvas model. It includes investing, budgeting and record keeping to ensure due diligence. There is a focus on generating sales as well as understanding how to finance the enterprise through capital, pricing and revenue, as well as a section dedicated to learning to pitch to investors.

The START module takes participants through the entire process of creating their own business plan. Each topic walks you through the different components, so by the end of the module they will have their own business plan ready to go. This includes elements such as the economic and marketing plan, as well as production, operations, organization and management. This will ensure participants have a coherent business and that they start on the best possible footing. In addition to this, they learn how to access finance and register the business. The module builds the capacity to pitch to potential investors and conduct your own market research.

So why is entrepreneurship skills important in technical education and training? Because learning the knowledge and skills related to ones occupation is not enough. Equally important are the skills needed to become a successful entrepreneur. Entrepreneurship training in TVET equips our youths to be self-reliant, capable of solving their problems and contributes to economic growth and development of the nation.

Moreover, entrepreneurial skills are not just important for entrepreneurs in the traditional sense, but they are also sought after by employers. These include problem-solving, initiative, teamwork, creativity, emotional intelligence and other soft skills.

Presentation of Certificates for the Inspire Module

Trainee job mock interview

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