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IL Bagno Partners with Etiwa Tech


25 Aug 2022

IL Bagno, the leading total interior solutions company in Nigeria, for the world’s leading manufacturers of sanitary fittings, kitchen, tiles, doors, and other interior solutions has partnered with Etiwa Tech to train and upskill plumbers in their craft.

IL Bagno equipped the plumbing workshop with sanitary wares that will facilitate training in the trade. It will also be incorporating a training module to form part of Etiwa Tech’s curriculum to be facilitated by BagnoTechnik, its installation and maintenance subsidiary. IL Bagno will also be extending employment opportunities to the top performing trainees upon graduation. A 7-week training programme has been created that covers plumbing tools, materials, as well as plumbing systems and other related topics.

Speaking on the partnership with Etiwa Tech, Mrs. Adetola Owolabi, the Executive Director of Black Pelican Group said, “as an organization providing services in the interior space, we are consistently on the lookout for opportunities to improve the industry and provide support that will enhance the skill of the workforce in the field. This will have a positive impact on all players as well as contribute to the growth and development of the industry and the economy at large".

Jody Adewale, the Managing Director of Etiwa Tech stated, "we are very pleased to be partnering with IL Bagno. Etiwa Tech has always been committed to excellence and providing quality vocational training. Through this partnership, our trainees will be exposed to the latest and most innovative sanitary ware products and plumbing systems. This helps to ensure that as a training institute, we are producing workers that are fit and ready to work within the industry”.

IL Bagno is the business unit with the Black Pelican Group that provides total interior solutions, it has carved a niche for being the preferred supplier of bathroom and other interior fittings to the most discerning clients and projects.

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