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Shaping a Brighter Energy Future: Auxano Solar, Nigeria's First Privately owned Solar Panel Manufacturing Company

Nigeria's Auxano Solar, a leader in green energy, has reached a major milestone in the country's energy scene. The company recently opened a state-of-the-art 100MW automatic Solar PV making plant in Lagos. This is a big improvement to its previous 10MW capacity. This growth makes Auxano the first privately owned factory in Nigeria that makes solar panels. It also shows how committed the company is to growing the country's green energy sector.

Strategic relationships and investments have helped the company grow incredibly quickly. Auxano signed a $1.5 million growth deal with All On, a well-known financial firm backed by Shell, in 2020. In 2022, they added another $500,000 facility. These partnerships have helped Auxano become a major player in the local green energy market. Not only does Auxano's growth show how technically skilled it is, but it is also a big step toward solving Nigeria's energy problems. The company's goal to remove hurdles to energy access across the country is in line with its focus on making solar systems more affordable. By addressing both public and private sector players, Auxano wants to make clean and cheap energy more available, especially to the 85 million Nigerians without grid-connected electricity.

ETIWA TECH, offers a wide range of internationally accredited training programs, including solar photovoltaic. Our aim is to provide people with the skills needed for successful jobs in the green energy industry. The institution's focus on upskilling and inclusion fits with the larger goal of creating a skilled workforce to support the development of companies like Auxano, thus driving the sustainable growth of the green energy industry in Nigeria. Etiwa Tech has provided manpower to Auxano and will continue to partner with them for internship and job opportunities of our alumni. Our collaboration underscores the potential for effective industry-academia relationships, adding to the growth of the green energy workforce in Nigeria.

Auxano Solar's amazing journey to a 110MW solar panel making factory is proof of the company's commitment to innovation and sustainability. The strategic relationships, including the collaboration with Etiwa Tech, not only shows the company's dedication to industry development but also paves the way for a better, more energy-secure future for Nigeria.

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