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Copper Pipe Installation & Electrical

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Course Description

COPPER PIPE INSTALLATION & ELECTRICAL CABLE TERMINATION - This course will equip trainees with the basic knowledge and skills of copper pipe installation and cable termination. PRE-COURSE REQUIREMENTS & TARGET GROUP Suitable for technicians, maintenance staff and individuals who are already employed in the air conditioning trade who require upskilling. COURSE DURATION The course is 5 days, Monday – Friday (9:00am – 4:00pm) with a class size of 12. LUNCH & TEA BREAKS Provided daily HOSTEL ACCOMODATION This is available at an extra cost MODE OF DELIVERY 1. Each trainee will be issued with a comprehensive training manual, as well as, hand tools and power tools required to do all practical tasks 2. Classroom Presentation - using PowerPoint and Visual Aids 3 Practical hands-on Sessions 4. Use of audio/videos to demonstrate current industry practices 5. One-to-one instruction and team-building exercises in groups 6. Discussion and feedback from participants during each topic forms an important element of the learning process COURSE TOPICS *Health and Safety associated with working on air conditioning units *Method of avoiding oxidation during brazing of copper pipes *Tools required for the training *General service safety precautions *Copper pipe handling (Flaring, Bending, Brazing and Expanding) *Importance of insulating AC refrigerant lines *Sound cable termination *Terminals, clamps and lugs *Dangers of loose connection LEARNING OBJECTIVES On successful completion of this course each trainee will have a comprehensive understanding of the following: 1. Tools required for copper pipe workmanship 2. Safe way of working with copper pipe, electricity and refrigerant 3. Standard copper pipe handling and sizes 4. Cutting, de-burring, expanding and flaring copper pipes 5. Bending copper pipe with springs and bending machine 6. Brazing copper pipe with OFN (oxygen-free nitrogen) and the importance 7. Effectiveness of proper insulation on refrigerant lines ASSESSMENT This course is assessed through a multiple-choice examination, as well as a competency based practical examination. CERTIFICATION On successful completion of this course, learners will receive a certificate awarded by Etiwa Tech.

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  • Lagos

    ETIWA Vocational Training, Lagos, Nigeria

    +234 814 436 0692

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