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Data Analysis

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8 weeks

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Course Description

Learn the skills you’ll need to become a Data Analyst or Business Analyst, including data analysis, visualization, statistical analysis, and how to work with relational databases. Build a portfolio of projects and prepare for a career PRE-COURSE REQUIREMENTS & TARGET GROUP Trainees within age group 18 years and above that possesses a SSCE level Certification. All Participants are required to have a personal laptop. COURSE DURATION The course is 8 weeks | 3 days a week: (9:00am – 5:00pm) HOSTEL ACCOMODATION This is available at an extra cost MODE OF DELIVERY •Classroom Presentation - using PowerPoint and visual aids •One-to-one instruction and team-building exercises in groups. Feedback from the participants during each topic forms an important element of learning LEARNING OBJECTIVES On successful completion of this course each trainee will have a comprehensive understanding of the following: •List the most frequently used lookup and decision formulas, outline the methods for creating and applying formulas in a spreadsheet to locate specific data •Identify the correct formula for calculating a specific value, counting cells, or adding the provided data, explain the syntax of several new excel functions discuss the concept of named ranges, outline the tools that can be used to customize the named ranges •Describe the operations that may be performed within an excel table, discuss the mechanics of a pivot table and its capabilities, Summarize the steps for counting, averaging, and running totals with pivot tables •Explain how to use filters, slicers, timelines, and pivot charts to display dynamic views of data •Use the SELECT statement to retrieve data from your database, modify your database using INSERT, UPDATE AND DELETE, use aggregate functions with the SELECT statement, Secure your database and its objects COURSE CONTENT/TOPIC •Introduction to data analytics on MS EXCEL, Introduction to Power Query, Pivot Tables, and Charts, Advanced Charting •Introduction to SQL, Introduction to Aggregate functions and Windows functions, Introduction to Joins, Introduction to Subqueries and CTEs •Introduction to POWER BI, Introduction to Power Query Editor, Working with, Reports and Visualizations, Matrixes, Tables, and Charts, Introduction to the, Power BI Web App ASSESSMENT •Multiple-choice examination & Project based practical examination CERTIFICATE On Successful completion of this course, learners will receive a certificate awarded by Etiwa Tech

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    ETIWA TECH, Lagos, Nigeria

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