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Electrical Maintenance & Fault Finding

5 Days

  • Starts 16 Oct

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Course Description

This course is designed to assist technicians in understanding the difference between preventive and reactive electrical maintenance. As well as the importance of having a structured maintenance programme in place. Develop fault finding and troubleshooting techniques to assist technicians in their role of maintenance technician. PRE-COURSE REQUIREMENTS & TARGET GROUP Suitable for technicians employed as maintenance personnel in any company and has responsibility for the electrical maintenance of residential buildings and other places of work. COURSE DURATION The course is 5 days, Monday – Friday: (8:00am – 5:00pm) | Class size: 12 LUNCH & TEA BREAKS Provided daily HOSTEL ACCOMODATION This is available at an extra cost COURSE CONTENT * Recap on basic electrical principles: Ohm's law, power and energy, electrical circuits. * Understand protective devices and how they function, MCB, RCD, RCBO. * Cable sizing and current rating, calculate volt drop on cables. * Use of electrical multimeters, grip on ammeter and insulation resistance testers. * Working safely with electricity, Lockout/Tagout * Understand the difference between preventative and reactive maintenance. * Logical systematic approach to fault finding. * Faulting finding on: Domestic installations, Industrial installations, Motor control circuits MODE OF DELIVERY 1. Each trainee will be issued with a comprehensive training manual, as well as, hand tools and power tools required to do all practical tasks. 2. Classroom Presentation - using PowerPoint and Visual Aids. 3. Use of audio/videos to demonstrate current industry practices. 4. One-to-one instruction and team-building exercises in groups. 5. Discussion and feedback from participants during each topic forms an important element of the learning process. LEARNING OBJECTIVES On successful completion of this course each trainee will have a comprehensive understanding of the following: 1. How to find fault using a logical systematic approach. 2. The skill of using a multimeter to find fault on real and simulated circuits. 3. Develop techniques that will assist in fault finding and speed up the process. 4. Understand health & safety and being aware of the dangers of working on electrical systems. 5. Will be familiar and would have worked with the hand tools and power tools associated with electrical maintenance and fault finding. ASSESSMENT * Multiple-choice examination * Competency based practical examination CERTIFICATE CPD certificate - UK

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