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Learn How To Design & Install Solar PV Systems as a PRO

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In today's world, the Clean Energy Revolution is at the forefront of job creation. Participants in solar training courses will be prepared for a successful career in renewable energy and will receive all they need to get to begin a career in the solar PV industry right away. PRE-COURSE REQUIREMENTS & TARGET GROUP Trainees within age group 18 years and above that possess a minimum of 4 credits (in mathematics, English, physics and any other science subject) at SSCE level or proven experience in electrical field. OND/HND holders and Engineering graduates requiring technical knowledge on Solar Photovoltaic Installation & Maintenance. COURSE DURATION The course is 2 weeks | Mon – Fri: (8:00am – 5:00pm) with a maximum class size of 25. MODE OF DELIVERY 1. Classroom Presentation - using PowerPoint and Visual Aids. 2. Use of didactic training equipment and practical hands on Sessions. 3. Use of audio/videos to demonstrate current industry practices. 4. One-to-one instruction and team-building exercises in groups. 5. Discussion and feedback from participants during each topic forms an important element of the learning process. LEARNING OBJECTIVES 1. Design and Size stand-alone PV systems. 2. Carry out feasibility studies using web based solar software and Install PV systems. 3. Perform maintenance and troubleshooting tasks. 4. Maintain records required for monitoring PV systems. 5. Observe health and safety regulations. ASSESSMENT This course is assessed through a multiple-choice examination, as well as a competency based practical examination. CERTIFICATE On successful completion of this course, learners will receive a certificate accredited by the CPD Certificate Service, a UK accrediting body.

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