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Health & Safety Training as an Ingredient to Business Success

Updated: Apr 15, 2022

Training employees in Health and Safety matters in the workplace has often been

seen as a costly, disruption to operations and business activities.

Many organisations tend to be apprehensive with respect to the time and cost involved with safety training and development as they consider it as an expense that brings little or no benefit to an organization.

At Etiwa Vocational Training Limited, we offer a range of health and safety training

courses that will help you to protect your workforce and your business from the

many dangers that exist in any workplace. Here we take a look at those health and safety training benefits in more detail.

1. Every Workplace has an Element of Risk

Too many employees neglect health and Safety training based on the assumption

that their line of work does not involve much risk. The truth is that ranging from

handling heavy machinery in big manufacturing companies to manually

handling packages and liquids, there are levels of exposure to risk and illness.

So, the presence of risk no matter how little the chance, is why your staff have a right to know how to protect themselves.

2. It Increases Staff Productivity

“Treat Your Employees well, so they wouldn’t use your internet to look for jobs elsewhere”— Mark Zuckerberg.

Admittedly organizing a Health and Safety training for your staff is a noteworthy

investment, but to assume that it has no returns is false. Employees in many ways

are like customers, treat them well and they stay, treat them well and they feel

valued and treat your customers well in turn. The ripple effect can get to all facets of your business, but taking time to show your interest in their safety is one way to

build a loyal staff and a loyal staff always has positive impacts on your business or


3. You Would be Complying to the Law

The Laws provide for such a duty with the general effect being a requirement on the employer to provide whatever information, instruction, training and

supervision as is necessary to ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, the health and safety at work of your employees.

4. You will be avoiding a Potential Compensation Claim or Suit

Let’s assume that the chances of any of your employees getting injured in the line

of duty or falling ill as a result of their duties in your business premises are 1%,

you still need to take the training seriously. It will only take one serious injury or

ailment and often unforeseen ones to bring a compensation storm and suddenly

that 1% doesn’t seem so small after all.

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